Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Day #5

I've been cooking dinner since my parents' divorce thirty years ago. As a result, I'm a competent survival cook, but I don't take any particular enjoyment in the culinary arts. Floyd's just grateful he doesn't have to do it, which is why we subsist on a rotating repertoire of roast chicken, pasta, broccoli and rice, and scrambled eggs.

So there I was, getting ready to steam some string beans to go with the roasted chicken, when I realized I should try Something New by cracking open a cookbook and doing something with them. Y'know, like someone who cares.

So here's Haricots Vert Provencal, which is just a prissy way of saying ratatouielle.


Hot Toddy said...

What took you so long to start blogging? Don't you know the rest of us have moved on to podcasting already?

Wow, Marc, I admire your goal to do one new thing every day. That is really cool.

I tried to go to happy hour at a different bar (Casey's) recently, but they were closed so I had to go back to CC's.

Today I ate lunch at a new place downtown, Steamers, and it was great.

Marc Acito said...

Of course I'm behind the times. I'm a novelist--an art form that's behind the times. Better late than never. What's up with your writing?

Anonymous said...

One suggestion is that Nigella Lawson's website and I think Rachel Ray's have searches so you can list a few of the key ingredients in your pantry and find some decent recipes to whip up. I'm cooking one new recipe a week because I was picky as heel as a child and subsisted on things that came from cardboard boxes like "helpers" and "ronis." Take care and if you or Rocky find any particularly fun recipes, send them my way. Hugs, Jessica