Monday, February 4, 2008

New Day #39

Went to the Nityananda Institute with my Guru Mom to meditate.

Pointing to some Hindu wall hangings, Mom said, "Those are called tankas."



"You're welcome."

The sitar started, followed by chanting, followed by me falling fast asleep. I may not be more enlightened, but I'm certainly better rested.

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therese said...

Checking in on all your new things. I'll endorse Sam Adams for prez though haven't met him yet. Never know!

Love your hair/part issues and wonder why I've never had a jelly bath. Actually, never heard of them until now. Have to check into that.

Mainly I want to say, "Tankas" for being such a good son. It's good to know you and your mom get to enjoy stuff together, even if you do fall asleep.

Meditating does take a lot of time and energy to learn how to stay awake. Maybe someday I'll figure out how. I hear it's good for you.