Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Day #40

In honor of Super Tuesday, I am endorsing a candidate. Not Barry Obama or Hillary, but Portland's own city councilman, a man I'm proud to call my friend and Our Next Mayor...Sam Adams.

(Balloon drop here.)

I wish I could say I was asked to endorse him because I'm such a powerful opinionmaker, but even mere nobodies can endorse Sam--and should. The man just gets it. Sam Adams is a friend to the arts and business communities, a leader who will make the Rose City bloom.

And, yes, we really are friends. Here here is at my house (on the right) with Oregon Ballet Theatre's Christopher Stowell (center).

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Jamie said...

Here here. As a native Portlander I can't agree more.

But first, we need to unite against Samual Adams, the brewery. For one, their brew is vastly inferior to Portland beer. Second, they actually took legal action agains Sam for having his web site: Samadams.com.

Beware! If someone ever names a company "Marc Acito", you may be in trouble :)