Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Day #47

How did I live this long without indulging in the pleasure of a manicure? Well, for starters, I'm a nail biter. And a cuticle chewer. It's probably all that dieting--I need something to gnaw on.

But in the last few weeks the urge to nibble at myself simply disappeared. Just like that. My nails grew long and uneven. When they started clicking on the keys of my computer, I knew it was time for professional help.

I went to the Nails Place nearby. That's the actual name--the Nails Place. It's like an Abbott and Costello routine:

Lou: What's the name of that nails place?
Bud: The Nails Place.
Lou: Yeah, what's it called?
Bud: The Nails Place.
Lou: That's what I'm askin'.

Everyone who walked in was in a good mood. How could you not be? You sit in a comfy chair while some lovely silent Asian woman attends to your personal grooming. It's very Memoirs of a Geisha. For twelve bucks.

I'm going back for a pedicure. Just as soon as I can stop chewing my toe nails.

That was a joke.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

This one got a rise out of me, but I was at work and got too much attention for laughing.

A little too much joy at work I suppose.