Friday, February 15, 2008

New Day #50

Today I tried not be obsessive compulsive. So, even though I've committed to doing something new every day and blogging about it, I took a day off and didn't do anything new.

Of course, not doing something new is something new. And I'm blogging about it. Right now.


Okay, tomorrow there will be no blog. Just a big nothing.


Anonymous said...

Haha, nice set up for dodging writing tomorrow. What will all 2.5million of your fans do without your blog? Did I say 2.5 million? I meant 3.75 million.

Disappointing the masses. Seems to me *that* is something new.

maria said...

Have a good rest from us all !!.
Your return on monday will be a good reason to be happy .( I am not usually so Polyannish).

Jeff & Chris said...

Wow, day 50 and you already used the "doing nothing is something new" card. I would have waited until day 160 or so. But then again doing nothing for any given day is something new for that day if you think about it? And come to think of it that is my life, Yikes!

I posted this the day you wrote this blog but the comment didn't save (damn funny word I have to type!). So I hope you read it.