Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Day #49

Today I had four appointments all scheduled within about 9 square miles. Rather than drive, I decided to walk to each. I felt very virtuous. Like Al Gore.

Unfortunately, I misjudged my time and ending up having to take a cab to my third appointment. And then ask for a ride to the next.

But that counts as carpooling, right?


Jamie said...

It was the try that was virtuous.

Kronda said...

Baby steps and all that. Maybe try a bike next time?

Fran said...

Or roller skates!

BT said...

I too am often the victim of foiled attempts to help save the environment. Sometimes I wonder if the environment even wants to be saved. It could certainly stand to be more grateful!

Thanks for you appreciation of my blog - I'm a fan of "How I Paid..." and, having recently recommended it to a friend, stumbled upon your blog. Cheers!