Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Day #63

I'm impatient by nature, which is not a desirable character trait in someone who writes books. Writing a novel is like crossing the country in a covered wagon--eventually you get there, but the trip is slow and perilous.

So I'm tempermentally unsuited to planting seeds. I mean, look how tiny these suckers are. It's like planting dust.

Since I did so at the invitation of my Guru Mom, the task became a spiritual test: am I evolved enough to trust that, in just a few short months, these ridiculous bug-like fragments will take root, blossom and actually yield pesto?

I'm skeptical, but that's also part of my nature.

PS I hate to boast, but don't I have lovely hands?


Joyous said...

You could totally be a hand model! :o)

If you get too incredibly impatient, they sell potted basil at the grocery store. It's ready to cut off the stem and use. Think of it like watching a cooking show on tv. They do all the preperation, cut to commercial, and just like that it's ready to plate when you come back. Gotta love that instant gratification!

Fran said...

I'll be trying to grow things from seeds too, so keep us posted on your progress as inspiration! I have the complete ability to kill off any plant form (except, sadly, mildew) in the house, so these poor vegetables are probably doomed, but I'm going to try. I salute you, intrepid soul with beautiful hands!

David said...

My, grandmother, what big hands you have!

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