Friday, March 7, 2008

New Day #70 (Part Two)

Okay, the reason I couldn't reveal what I did yesterday is because I came to New York to surprise my friend Eve for her birthday. It was a particularly big surprise because it was four months late.

In the meantime, I combined business with pleasure by filming a promotional video for Attack of the Theater People. Did I mention it's coming out in 47 days? On the list of new things for me I can now add talking on camera while roller skating uphill in Central Park. As well as careening downhill and narrowly avoiding a tree by landing face first on a muddy knoll.

Now that's comedy.

Floyd and I also invited some music theater twentysomethings from MySpace and Facebook to join us in creating guerilla theater in Times Square.

This is the shot right before we got chased away by security:


maria said...

Want to see that promotional video.
Got a mail from Amazon saying my copies of " Attack of Theater people" will arrive earlier than we thought at first.
It still takes longer to reach us here in Spain.
Me, my family and my friends are counting the days.

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