Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Day #77

It was like a fairy tale: A group of us go to this quaint little market to buy lunch, where Floyd strikes up a conversation with a bubbly woman with a voice like Glinda the Good. She leaves (not by soap bubble), and returns with a large green egg.

Not a dyed egg, but a real green egg laid by one of her hens. If this were a fairy tale, it would hatch a dragon.

It didn't.


Debbi said...

Was this green egg from a Araucana chicken? it's also called an easter egg chicken. We had some of those a bunch of years ago. Each Chicken lays a different colored egg. I've seen peach ones. Yellow ones and light green/blue ones.

David said...

Did you get any ham?

Anonymous said...

Glinda: Look at it! Look at it! It's green! How do you expect me to eat this?! I'll get the salomenella!

Market Lady: I told you Glinda, NO REFUNDS! (thinking to self-I'd like to reach over there and choke her with that scarf!)

Floyd: C'mon Market Lady, ease up! I'm holding out my hand in a gesture of friendship here. How about you and share a cup of tea? I see you sell that PMS tea here. I'm just sayin'.

Marc: (thinking to self) I wonder if she knows I'm looking down her shirt? I don't think she does. Life is good.

Lurker: (thinking to self) Who are these crack pots? I'll just look down that Market Lady's shirt while I wait for some durned customer service around here.

Anonymous said...

It's too much copper in the feed source: the pigment is deposited during formation in the oviduct. Happens. No risk per se, but certainly interesting.

Marc Acito said...

Of course BoBo knows what causes it. My BoBo is the smartest guy I know.

Ashley said...

Holy Weird, a green egg.

I am going to read Dr. Seuss later now.