Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Day #76

I met Stephen Sondheim.

Let me rephrase that.


If the picture looks like we're praying, it's because it was a religious experience.

The music theater legend was in town with New York Times commentator Frank Rich for the Portland Arts and Lectures Series, along with Rich's hottie wife, writer Alex Witchel.

After they left, Oregonian columnist (and fellow music theater geek) Margie Boule snagged Sondheim's unfinished wine, dipped her fingers in it and anointed herself.

"This isn't wine," she said, "it's holy water."


Fran said...


May I touch your sleeve when you come in to sign? Please?

Kelli N. said...

Wow! I am impressed. My son is jealous . . . he would have anointed himself with the holy wine as well!

You *must* write more! Details! Please?? Let us live vicariously through you.

gay CME guy said...

I am SO jealous. Did he provide any reasonable explanation for the travesty that was Sweeney Todd the movie?

Anonymous said...

I used to serve Stephen Sondheim (sometimes through his assistant) when i worked and managed bar in a B'Way theatre.

Always seemed like a good guy...


Marc Acito said...

He actually quite liked the movie version of Sweeney.

My favorite moment in the lecture came when he imitated Elaine Stritch howling "I'll drink to that" during a story about waking his former neighbor Katherine Hepburn. The man can really belt.

David said...

I have a great Sondheim story I must share with you sometime.

I also sort of met him when I attended the first rehearsal for Follies when I was working at Roundabout. Very exciting.

David said...

Oh, and I would have actually drunk the remaining wine, not just anointed myself.

Dead Nurse said...

I'm so jealous. I went to the lecture and really could have listened to him tell stories all night long. Such an incredible life and career.

Caffeine Destiny said...

Wasn't he fabulous? I thoroughly enjoyed the evening! He was quite charming.

Marc Acito said...

Actually, another friend stole it from Margie, drank some, then brought the rest home where it's in a place of honor.

When she finally relieved her bladder, she said, "I'm peeing Sondheim."

Okay, I just realized we sound totally creepy.

David said...

Not to me.

Anonymous said...

That is AMAZING!!! i probably would have done the same thing. You def don't sound creepy at all. hahah. im tre jealous!

maria said...

You are lucky in Portland. All sort of great things seem to be happening there .
Here in Madrid, the only comparable event, ( for me), was going to theQueen concert, watching Freddy Mercury in the flesh, and joining in the "God save the Queen" at the end.
That was ages ago; Freddy Mercury has been dead for ever.