Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Day #82

Last night, I dreamt I ate carrots soaked with liqueur and topped with ice cream. Never having done so before, I woke up realizing I had to.

I consulted my favorite food consultant, personal chef Carrie Peacock, who actually supported my vision. "I sanction playing with food," she said. "There are so many dishes that never would have been invented if someone hadn't experimented."

So here's my recipe for what I'm calling Beta-Carocream:

Saute peeled carrots in butter and Triple Sec orange liqueur, adding brown sugar to make a syrup. Continue cooking until the carrots are soft. Serve with French Vanilla ice cream.

Believe it or not, it was actually good.


Randy in Sweden said...

It actually sounds good. With respect to the carrots/alcohol connection, there is a local distillery here on Gotland that makes a aquavit from carrots. It's absolutely vile.

David said...

I'll take your word for it.

But the plating is gorgeous.

lisaloving said...

You could put it on poundcake, like a strawberry shortcake. But it needs something for the top. A cherry won't do.

Maybe......a splash of ground red pepper? One of those big juicy dates? A slice of fig (sexy)?

IknowIknow: A wheel-shaped slice of blood orange (or just-plain doo-dah orange), cut halfway through and twisted around like they do on those alcoholic drinks I've heard tell about. That.


AllBeehive said...

You are totally Iron Chef Marc. Secret ingredient: CARROTS!