Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Day #91

One of the things I'm learning from this project is that I don't always have to DO something new. If I'm aware, sometimes new things just happen.

Like today. I woke up to a situation where I felt totally unappreciated and unrecognized. I'll spare you the petty details, mostly because they'll make me sound like a spoiled, whiny baby. A cute baby, mind you, but a whiner nonetheless. So I rode my bike to the grocery store, which is what I do to clear my head. Or else I clean the kitchen. Or surf the net for porn.

Anyway, I'm standing at a crosswalk with one of those buttons for the walk signal--y'know, the one you're never sure will work, and might just be there to make you feel better, so you push it three or four times just to make certain?

WHELL, I pushed the button, ready for all that walk signal anxiety and--here's the new thing--it beeped at me. Seriously, the thing BEEPED. I looked down and saw that the button had been replaced with some new technology, presumably to let you know, "Yes, I got the message, so enough with the pushing."

And, in that moment, all of my resentment disappeared. It's not like it changed my petty situation, but I suddenly knew that somebody somewhere understood my need to have my actions acknowledged.

I understand, of course, that getting personal messages from traffic signals and the like is a sympton of schizophrenia, but it still made me feel better.


Jamie said...

So did it beep when you pushed it, or did it start beeping after you pushed it a number of times?

If yuou are happy for getting aknowledged by a machine, you are in need of a hug. Here is an internet hug from a fan to his humorist ~~~~~~ (those are internet hug waves).

mainja said...

Hmmm. See, it sounds like you have much more productive ways to deal with those feelings, I usually stop at the surfing for porn, which can apparently take up more of your day than you'd expect...

Marc Acito said...

It beeped after one push. Amazing. Like science fiction.

And thanks for the cyber-hug.

paintrly1 said...

We have those beeping buttons here, too. And people still press the damn thing repeatedly until the light changes. Or until I give them my dirty look of death.

Ty said...

I would definitely go and use my powers for good, permanently forcing all light beepers to respond to a push, increasing the number of happy people exponentially.

I'm glad you were gratified. I would have been, too.