Monday, March 31, 2008

New Day #95

More Fred Astaire-inspired fashion. Decided to wear a tie as a belt.

Ties must have been shorter in Astaire's day, what with those high-waisted pants, because I had a lot of extra material. Just letting the two ends flop around made me feel like I was auditioning for The Pirates of Penzance, so I figured, "Why hide that it's a tie?"

I must confess I really like result.


Ashley said...

Nice, it is surprisingly really cute!! Good idea! :)

maria said...

You should send this photo to "the Sartorialist" blog.
I am sure it will start a trend.

B-Wats said...
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B-Wats said...

i was going to try bringing the sash back... but i thought it might make me look too faggy.

i like the tie though. it's like, "eff you, avril lavigne! this is how it's done!"

Noah C. Buck said...

Well, well, well, Mr. Acito,

You certainly do impress.
I believe I am simply going to have to promote your prolific fashion sense by taking it upon myself to copy your accessory choice from here on out.

I'll be sure to credit you properly as we discussed.

David said...

You're still cute but I can't say I'm lovin' the tie-belt. Just being honest. I liked the belt buckled on the side much better.

abicon said...

I have done this successfully once or twice, I'll take a picture next time! :D

And I think it's a very nice tie-belt! Or... at least a nice tie!

"Just David!" said...

tres chic!!