Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Day #94

I consider myself to have a more than adequate working knowledge of the English vocabulary, but until today I did not know that the word "boulder" could be used as a verb. Yet boulder I did at the Circuit Bouldering Gym. Which means I climbed fifteen feet up an artificial rockface without a rope or equipment.

I understood the appeal immediately and instantly started strategizing how to climb to the top--not because it was fun, but because it was THERE. Of course, this meant hanging upside down from an artificial rockface without rope or equipment. And fifteen feet is still a long way to fall, even onto a cushioned mattress floor.

Which I did.


Yue said...

So I finnally catched up with all your New Things Adventures. Three months of wacko new stuff read in less than 2 hours.. my head hurts XD

In a totally unprecedented type of new thing that just happens, here's mine:

I'm dating a drag queen. Who's 20. He lives alone. And I just want to break out in song and sing "I'll Cover You" from RENT anytime we are walking on the street. Even though he only drags during his shows, not in the streets (which is the way I prefer it..)

Ah.. life. =)

Marc Acito said...

Okay, you got me there. I hadn't thought of that one.

Ty said...

I used to rock climb, and I LOVED bouldering. Hope you had fun.

David said...

Those things terrify me.