Monday, April 14, 2008

New Day #107, cont'd.

I felt up Chelsea Clinton.

I didn't mean to. Chelsea made a surprise appearance at the Red Dress Party, radiating poise and intelligence, even making a donation to support the charities the party funds. And there I was, almost two feet taller than her in four inch stilettoes, hovering over her to get a photograph. I guess I was too close, because when she turned around, my hand brushed her boob. Luckily, she was distracted by the fact I was wearing a flower pot on my head.

In the interest of investigative journalism, I'll report that her boob is quite perky.

PS: Note to gay people and their fans--Obama hasn't sent anyone to a gay party.

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BoBo said...

And for this entry, one has to question: how many people Google (verb?) Chelsea Clinton's Boobs. Aiya!

CM said...

She's looking pretty good. I'd totally feel her boobs if I could.

Matthew Paessler said...


Step Right Up said...

But did she shoot whiskey with you like her Mama did on the campaign trail?

Last Girl On Earth said...

You really know how to accessorize, Marc! You both look mighty fine in this pic!