Monday, April 14, 2008

New Day #109

I was talking with my buddy Courtenay Hameister, host of Live Wire Radio, about the life of the free-lance writer. "Spending all day at home on the couch in your pajamas," she said, "looks an awful lot like clinical depression."

So we decided to try the Buddy System. Today she came over and we both spent all day at home on the couch in our pajamas, but we did it together. It worked really well. We were both less likely to surf for porn and we had someone to bounce ideas off of as we worked.

When we were done, I changed to go to the Heathman Hotel for drinks and snagged a throw pillow on my jacket pocket. Courtenay dared me to wear it.

Introducing The Button Butt Buddy. Not only is it fashion-forward, you can use it as a cushion. Floyd, whose name should be always be preceded by the words "the long-suffering," said I looked like I had hemorrhoids. 


David said...

Sedaris' Hugh has nothing on Floyd.

Step Right Up said...

Is the fella at the door the bouncer? Did he say you couldn't come in because you were violating the dress code with your pillow?

Marc Acito said...

Nope. That's the long-suffering Floyd Sklaver.