Friday, May 2, 2008

New Day #127

Walked across the Golden Gate bridge. Considered jumping off, given that last night's reading drew a whopping seven people. This is supposed to be my rock star tour, not my rocks-in-the-pocket tour.

Once again, I cured my depression by reveling in the new. I've driven across the Golden Gate dozens of times and seen the view from the Marin Headlands, which I much preferred because cars aren't careening past at sixty miles an hour. But if I hadn't walked I wouldn't have seen this sign from the Department of Some-Dumb-Shit-Did-This-Once-So-We-Had-to-Post-This.

Or seen this view:

My buddy Jason Headley later told me a story about a writer who showed up for a reading where there were only four people. But one of those four was on the Pulitzer nominating committee.

As with the bridge, it's all about perspective.

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Anonymous said...

The heck with San Fran! Didn't you mention something about them being rather unreceptive to you at The Musical the other night? On to friendlier, more enlightened towns. (And no U turns for you! Love the's like you were looking for a sign, and there it was!)

Debbi said...

Sorry there werent more people in attendence. Come to Chicago, I'm sure WE'D treat you better. Besides, Chicago has just as many idiot drivers.

I went to a meet and great thing at Borders in OakBrook Illinois last year for Charlaine Harris. It was hoot. I'm sure those 7 people last night had a wonderful time with you.

redridinghood said...

Craziness. I just finished 'How I Paid for College' and loved it loved it loved it. Seriously, I was actively looking forward to my nightmarish commute just so I could read your book!

Will be buying 'Theatre People' - make sure you come to the UK to do some promotion!

maria said...

I just finished "Attack of the Theater people". The book arrived in Madrid on wednesday.

It is great. At one moment, I was so worried about what was going to happen to all of them, that I had to flip to the last pages, and read to the end, and then turn back to where I had left it and finish the book.
That only happens with the books I really like; otherwise, if I am a bit anxious I read faster, skipping paragraphs, and then forget it all.
Now I am beginning "How I paid for college " again, (for the umpteenth time), and will reread "Attack.." just after it.
It is going to be a wonderful week of reading and laughing.
I would still like for your publisher to get out a Hard-Back edition of "Attack". They could make a double volume with both books, or maybe with the next installment too.
I really hope to hear more of Edward, Nate, Paula, Ziba...

Layne said...

Oh, sweetie, I'd have been at your reading in a Kansas City Minute!

Hang in there!

Jim said...

Well, you may have only had 7 dumbass people in attendance. But don't forget about the rest of us who would have loved to have you in our city.


Fran said...

Sometimes it happens that way, Sweetie. But there's always one dog of a signing, and then you can revel in the rest. And you have a solid fan base here in Seattle!

Jamie said...

Oh well, at least you will have the pleasure of signing my book in Seattle tomorrow :)