Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Day #126

Today's the first day of my book tour and already the pressure's getting to me. Air pressure, I mean. As I unpacked, I discovered that today's New Thing was having the bottom of my shaving cream explode.

The fun part was that, by pushing on the bottom, I could make it erupt foam.

I know. I'm easily amused.

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Fran said...

Isn't that more than three ounces? How did you get it on a plane? Ahh, checked luggage! Did you manage to keep it isolated from your clothes?

At least you had fun with it!

"Just David!" said...

you're easily amused, and I'm an idiot... it took me forever to figure out the can was upside down... i was trying to figure out what brand that was and thought you must have gotten it somewhere outside this country... ooooohhhh, it's upside down... somebody turn up the dimmer switch!!!

turntable rick said...

I'm too slow. I was going to say, "Hey! I use abpa, too!"

Wanted to say hi the other night at the opera run-through, but it just got too busy, too fast, under the deck.