Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Day #154

"Are you wearing tiaras for any special occasion?" asked the waiter who looked like a young Jack Lemmon--and who actually knew who Jack Lemmon was.

"No reason," replied my friend Lois. "It's just a tiara day."

This actually seemed to make sense to him, which is one of the reasons I heart Portland. It's the kind of place where Lois's not-husband Chuck can rise each day and proudly hang his Macaroni and Cheese flag.

Why? Because tiaras may be special, but every day is a mac 'n cheese day.

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Layne said...

We would have Tiara Day at the office where I used to work every now and then, when people got grumpy. Nothing like wearing a tiara to lift your spirits!

Hillary said...

I had a boss who used to have "Aloha Fridays." Where everyone was supposed to wear a Hawaiian shirt. Tiara Friday sounds much more my style! Might just have to implement that...'cept I work in a high school now, not sure how that might go over.

Macaroni said...

As the lady with the tiaras, may I just say that Aloha Fridays don't have to be dull. You just have to get everyone to wear muumuus instead of Hawaiian shirt.

Imagine the boss in that!