Friday, May 30, 2008

New Day #155

After years of sounding like an old man in a rocking chair on the porch crabbing about those damn kids today, I finally decided to find out what the deal is with the droopy jeans. The issue was complicated by the fact that Floyd was out, and I'm off to Mt. Hood for a reading, so I didn't have anyone to take my picture.

Undaunted, I brought my camera with me to the grocery store, where I always run into someone I know. True to form, I heard someone call my name the moment I stepped out of my car. It was children's author Nancy Coffelt, who snapped this pic of my buns in the baked goods department.

As for the droopy jeans, I must admit I found it very relaxing, though I felt more like a baggy pants burlesque comic waiting for a busty nurse to deliver her cue.

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Nancy said...

My New Day #1 should be shooting cheesecake (the male variety) at the grocery store.
Glad to help out.

gay CME guy said...

Dude, au contraire to an earlier conversation, you are NOT thick around the middle. You're quite svelt. I'm envious, verging on bitter. ;)

Greg said...

I keep wanting to walk up behind someone with the droopy pants and pull them up.

Nice pic, by the way.

Theatre Aficionado at Large said...

My goodness, you look seventeen.

panthergirl said...

OK, how cute are you?

malc said...

i heard the deal with the droopy jeans has to do with youths sent to prison who were too small for the prison issued jeans and since no belts allowed, they hung off their hips.

when these youths got out, they held onto the look and voila!

Marc Acito said...

That's fascinating. I had no idea. It really is a gangsta look.