Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Day #161

It's Rose Festival time here in Portland. For those of you who don't live here, that means a floral parade, the coronation of a Rose Queen, the fleet coming in and, scariest of all, carny rides on the waterfront.

Today I convinced my intrepid friend BoBo to join me on that aptly named Sling Shot, a device where you get strapped into a harness and shot 250 feet in the air, then hurtle back toward the earth. Repeatedly.

Perhaps I should mention that we both have a fear of open heights. But both of us like a challenge, BoBo having actually taken the polar ice plunge when he visited the North Pole last year. My kind of guy.

Certainly the fact that the operator looked like his parents were cousins did not inspire confidence--I mean, if you can't keep your own teeth in, how are you going to keep me strapped in a harness?

We didn't have anyone to film it, so you'll have to look at this movie of some people I don't know, which doesn't make it look nearly as frightening as it was.

Neither BoBo nor I can actually remember the entire experience, though I do recall BoBo screaming "You fucking bastard" at me while I made squealing noises I've never made before. But what stands out most is the sheer terror of hanging upside down in the sky. It looked like this:

I'd totally do it again.

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Laurie said...

I hope you and BoBo kept your pants dry, though I nearly peed mine laughing about your squealing noises.

Fran said...

That looks like either incredible fun or a great way to lose your lunch. I suspect my sweet Lillian (who was in the Army, you understand) would tell me to enjoy myself, she'd wait on the ground for me.

In any case, well done!