Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Day #160

Fear not--I've stepped off the Bi-Polar Express. In fact, today's New Thing was nothing more profound than eating an apple core. Of course, I ate the apple first.

Oddly, it reminded me of kissing my friend Young Noah. Not in a Garden of Eden way, but because the core, seeds and stem added texture to the experience of eating an apple, much like Noah's lip ring added texture to the experience of kissing.

I've added his picture here along with Floyd and friends because they're all way cuter than an apple. (Note how Young Noah wore the tie as a belt in honor of me.)

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panthergirl said...

I'm so relieved that Noah is the guy with the tie-belt. What does THAT tell you?

David said...

Don't apple seeds contain traces of arsenic?

Erin said...

Yuong Noah = Cuteness!