Monday, June 16, 2008

New Day #172

A couple of firsts today. Thanks to my new saddlebags (and a backpack), I was able to lug three bags of groceries home on my bicycle, which made me feel very virtuous. After all, now that I've done the World Naked Bike Ride, I consider myself part of Portland's militant bicycle lobby. (Our mantra Saturday night was "Less gas, more ass.")

I returned home to discover that the commentary I did on All Things Considered on Friday made today's Listener Mail section. Here's the transcript:

Robert Siegel: On Friday...we featured writer Marc Acito who has a propensity to burst into song.

Marco: (Speaking) But singing out loud is good for you. It gets oxygen flowing. It relieves stress. You should do...
(Singing) When the dog bites, when the bee stings, but only after first aid.

Melissa Block: That prompted a WIDE range of comments. Maureen Cruz of Chicago writes: "There is someone else like me in the world?!" Please consider this is formal proposal of marriage to Mr. Acito."

Robert: Walt Martin of Phoenix thought differently. HE writes: "Why add to all the strife in the world by letting that guy sing on the radio."

Isn't that DELICIOUS? Honestly, I love the pans just as much as the raves. I just can't take them seriously. I mean, please, how can trust the judgement of someone who lives in PHOENIX?

I figured you didn't want to see a picture of my groceries or a radio, so here's another of me being pretty and witty and gay on the Red Dress Party float, which I failed to mention was the Titanic of floats. Seriously, one of us fell off, then we took a wrong turn after the parade route, grazing a low-lying tree, which knocked our glitter ball into the street.

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Jason said...

I wonder what Walt of Phoenix would do if his neighbor broke out into song while taking the trash bins to the curb. I dare to believe he would fold to the infectious energy and while he may not sing he would definitely kick his heals once inside the safe garage walls.

Step Right Up said...

Really? Less gas, more ass? I thought the more ass one has, the more gas they would have, too.

Debbi said...

You look beautiful.

And sing all you want, it cures what ails everyone.

Hillary said...

Can I say thank you for another photo of the red dress and NOT another photo of the naked bike ride? ;) A red dress...always a classic, visions of dangly bits...notsomuch.

Joyous said...

FABULOUS!!! Need I say more?

Erin said...


My new saddlebags just caused me to buy jeans in a larger size.