Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Day #171

The question on everyone's mind when I told them I was doing the World Naked Bike Ride was "What about your dangly bits?"

Well, it was chilly, so there wasn't much angle to the dangle.

Otherwise, it was quite a ride. A thousand naked cyclists in the streets, including the totally adorable Tim (pictured), all of us being cheered by pedestrians, some of whom got naked themselves in solidarity, while others were dressed like pirates because it was also Plunderathon.

Meanwhile, in honor of Gay Pride, a team from the gay league beat one from the police department, 20-4. We celebrated that victory and more on the Red Dress Party float.

Moments like these make me so proud of Portland.

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Kathy said...

No question that out of all these girls - YOU clearly have the best eye for a good red dress and how to wear it!!

Anonymous said...

How do you keep "Dickie & The Boys" safe when riding au naturel?

The Frog Queen said...

Meant to mention this in an earlier post - LOVE the shoes!

Jean Ann said...

You are so freaking funny...hey, send me a note on facebook...we got lost in the scheduling...actually, just email me at

Jamie said...

And as a native Portlander who has left home for an indefinate period of time (to a yet rainier place...Seattle), I am a freind of the family who couldn't agree more.

David said...

OK, Mr. "When was the last time any of those guys whose pictures you feature on your site had a hot fudge sundae?" You're looking pretty trim yourself. People in slim-waisted houses shouldn't throw, um, hot fudge sundaes. And did you ask Tim about his sundae consumption?

And could you send me his number?

Colin Matthew said...

So much was going on this weekend that I had to miss the Plunderathon :-(