Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Day #177

Today I guested on the scintillating San Francisco radio variety show West Coast Live, although they should have called it When Worlds Collide because I was on with literary legend Salman Rushdie.

I know, Together at Last.

Here we are signing books, a living example of the ridiculous and the sublime.

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Brandon said...

Very cool. I imagine that was surreal.

Anonymous said...

Uh, wow. Sorry, but to me this is way bigger than hanging out with Sondheim.

maria said...

Living example of the ridiculous and the sublime?

Come on Marc, it´s more "one near the beginning, the other near the end ".

And even if you are less famous, at least you do´nt have a Fatwa hanging over your head.

Rick said...

You've hit the big leagues.

David said...

That is cooler than cool. But I have to confess that wouldn't steal a glass with HIS half-drunk wine in it.

therese said...

Wild. What an awesome career path you've chosen. This "year in the life of" YOU is inspiring.

You've even eaten apricots.

Erin said...

I believe he's "Sir" Salman, now.

What an odd and delightful duo you make! Did you grill him about losing the gorgeous Padma in a messy divorce? Please say you did!

Mead said...