Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Day #178

This morning I decided to sample one of the cute little apricots sitting on my friend Kathy's counter in San Francisco, only to realize that I've never actually eaten an apricot before. I know. I'm not sure how this happened. All I can think is that I don't much care for peaches and plums, so I must have avoided apricots by extension, as if it were just another version. But they're not. At the risk of stating the obvious, apricots are a completely different fruit unto themselves.

I'm still shocked at my omission. It'd be like not visiting China because you didn't like Japan or Korea.

So here are the finalists in the Little Mr. and Little Miss Apricot contest at the Patterson Apricot Festival in Patterson, California, "Apricot Capitol of the World."


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Lewis said...

What??!! You don't like fresh, summer peaches over freezing cold homemade vanilla ice cream? Apricots go way back with me in the tree at grandma's house. Those were definitely the days.

Martina said...

Did you like the apricots? There's a really lovely Persian dish called "Zardalu Polo" (kind of a lamb and apricot pilaf, though you can substitute chicken or even soy-based "meat" without anything exploding) that uses dried apricots and spices like cinnamon and turmeric for seasoning. It is pretty incredible, if you like apricots.

Greg said...

An apricot tree graced our backyard all through elementary school and part of high school. Sadly, my parents dug it out for a pool.

Christi Krug said...

Marc, try pluots. They are a plum-apricot cross, with shiny skin like a plum and the color and tartness of an apricot. To be found at the Farmer's Market, but later in the season I think.

Shephard said...

My partner loves apricots. I always thought of them as very firm peaches... until your post. In fact... I rather think of China as a very firm Korea.


Last Girl On Earth - Deni Bonet said...

Dried apricots ROCK! And so does that picture of the Little Miss Apricot contest. Can you imagine being a grown up winner of that contest and having that credit to add to your resume? "And when I was 6, I won the Tiny Apricot Contest. Vote for ME!"

Hey Marc, I did something TOTALLY different yesterday. Come by and check it out. Maybe you should think of doing this... (or not)