Friday, July 4, 2008

New Day #190

Spent part of my Fourth of July holiday watching the internet sensation Zeitgeist, which, among other theories, discusses the idea that the Bush administration deliberately caused 9/11 to get us into war. Odd viewing for a patriotic holiday, but thought-provoking nonetheless. I love a good conspiracy theory and had no idea that Dubya's grandfather funded the Nazis. Regardless of where the truth lies, I feel certain that those in power want to keep us uninformed and entertained to control us. And as someone who strives to enlighten and entertain for a living, I wonder where that puts me.

Then I went down to Portland's waterfront, where I got to watch the fireworks for the first time from a friend's boat in the marina. I must admit, even more than conspiracy theories, I love friends with boats. So the question remains: life should be enjoyed to the fullest, but at what cost?

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1 comment:

gay CME guy said...

I SO want to find a friend with a boat on Lake Michigan. If you know any Chicagoans with boats, send 'em my way.
I bet it was incredibly cool to see the fireworks from that vantage point.