Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Day #189

I suppose it was inevitable. Today was the first time in this project that I failed to do something new. I use the word fail because it's not like I didn't try. While I often plan ahead, there are many days I wake up not knowing what I'm going to do. It stresses me, but I think that's part of the adventure. After all, without pressure, a diamond would just be a lump of coal.

So, even though nothing had panned out by the time I left for a party, I figured something would arise. It always does. And here's the thing that eats away at me--something did. And I missed it.

Here's what happened: we arrived at the anniversary party for our friends Hallie and Rick Sadle to discover that our hostess had somehow managed to get out of Saks with the security tag still on her dress. Undaunted, Hallie called the store and informed them that 145 people were arriving at her house and would it be possible to send over her salesperson with the gun to remove it? So there I was, standing there when the "Saks Lady" (not to confused with the "Sex Lady") showed up, gun in hand. Did I step in and say, "Let me do it! I need something New!" Nope. Didn't even occur to me.

I haven't been filled with this much regret since I was on the flight home from San Francisco and realized I had missed my chance to get Salman Rushdie to do "Jazz Hands."

In lieu of anything new, here's another picture from the Barbie-cue.

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Noah, Post-Diluvian said...

This day had to come at some point.
Don't fret.
I'll still read your writing.


Erin said...

Um, Marc? We may have been separated at birth. There are pics of me flaming Barbies with my handy creme brulee torch! I shall scan and send ASAP.

Don't fret. Just do two or three new things tomorrow.

Laurie said...

Maybe doing nothing new was, in a year of a new thing a day, a new thing in itself?

Christi Krug said...


Ah, don't be discouraged. Look at how you've inspired so many folks. Me, for example. Being a backwards person, I am beginning the anthithesis of your experiment: A non-new, ordinary thing for every day.

therese said...

Maybe this day was your independence from the requirements of your resolution? I love jumping out of bed with the idea that anything can happen and it will, but I also love facing the day with an agenda that actually flows nicely according to plan.

Burning dolls is always a good option, our using them for target practice. The next time you're at a loss just choose a new weapon.