Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Day #199

Today's New Thing was motivated by Young Noah, who I've been pestering to get a bike helmet by sending him accident statistics and graphic photographs of head wounds. So, as the self-proclaimed arbiter of bicycle safety, I decided to set an even better example by purchasing a reflective sash. While it makes me feel like Miss America, it makes me look like the elementary school safety patrol.

Sidebar: My post in elementary school was an intersection a block away from the school, where I actually directed traffic without adult supervision and where two girls from my neighborhood used to torment me by lying down in the street. (What can I say? It was the 70s, a decade where children went largely ignored.)

Anyway, here's Young Noah's most excellent account of tracking down his bicycle thief. Please inundate him with messages telling him he needs to preserve his beautiful brain with a helmet.

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Rick said...

You look just darling in your new outfit. : )

maria said...

I just left a comment with your friend.
How is the new book progressing? And, are you planning a fourth installment after this one?

Can´t wait

David said...

I was on safety patrol, too!

My duties involved telling kids who didn't listen to me in the first place to "slow down" if they were running on the path, and getting very cold standing for long stretches outside even after every kid who was going to walk by had already walked by.

Marc Acito said...

Book Three is coming along. As for more installments, I don't know, though I'd be happy to write about these characters until HOW I PAID FOR THE ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY.

maria said...

I take you up on it, in spite of the fact that when HOW I PAID FOR THE ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY comes out, I will be long gone from this earth.
But not to worry, I shall make a provision, in my will, for the buying of ALL the further adventures of Edward Zanni and friends, and for my grandchildren to read them aloud so I can come back as a ghost and listen.

Kronda said...

Speaking of naked heads, if you or someone you know has one that needs covering, the trauma nurses at Emanuel are holding more sales (helmets for $5, YES FIVE DOLLARS, each!) on the following dates:

Emanuel Hospital Atrium: 2801 N Gantenbein Ave - Portland, Oregon

July 17th (That's Thursday!)
August 14th

Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center Kids Fair: 24800 SE Stark St. - Gresham, Oregon

Saturday September 13, 2007 10 am to 2 pm

Helmets sizes in toddler to adult. Spread the word.