Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Day #198

My friend Tim is a walking Chamber of Commerce. Every time I'm out with him, he's pointing out a building or a business and telling me its story. ("You haven't seen the view from Rocket? C'mon, let me show you..." )

To stroll the streets of Portland with him is to see the city with new eyes--his passion for this nutty town knows no bounds.

But here's what he does that's totally new for me: if he wants to check out a restaurant or a bar or a store, he just goes in to wander around. As incredible as it sounds, it never occurred to me I could do that. I would never go into a restaurant or bar unless I was planning on buying something.

So Tim and I toured ten different spots, which not only gave me an overview of places to go, but provided a marvelous night of walking and talking.

Seriously, try it sometime.

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Tyler said...

Marc, you've got it made, pal: successful, enjoyable career; a great guy to come home to; and a slew of creative, amusing, and hot friends. Seriously...what's in the water in Portland?

Marc Acito said...

Much of my good fortune is by design, rather than accident. I believe we all have to look for our lives. Where I've been lucky is that I've actually been able to find it.