Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Day #212

My partner's role as Mr. Outgoing comes with some sweet bennies: comp tickets, party invites and new opportunities like free spa sessions or, in this case, a free workout with a personal trainer named Arde Johnson, not to be confused with Laugh-In's Arte Johnson.

Here's the other Arde with Floyd at the Gun Show. Floyd is 49. Arde is 67. Makes you realize just what's possible, huh?

I'm so proud of Floyd for taking such amazing care of his body. And I suppose I should be grateful for today's New Thing, which is a series of exercises Arde taught him using just a rubber tube, which means I can now work out wherever I am.

But that also means now I have no excuse not to.

Veddy interesting.

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1 comment:

The Frog Queen said...

You know, I love you both, but I did meet Floyd first, so I am a bit partial. (He did bring me chocolate ;) Wow, again I am impressed and inspired :) KEEP HIM!!!!