Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Day #216

My Mini-Me finally got his driver's permit. He needs willing passengers, I need new experiences, so it's a win-win. That is, assuming we don't go hurtling into a ditch.

The situation is especially unique because Grant has a disability that left his arms and legs shortened and atrophied. As such, he makes adjustments when using utensils or a computer. What fascinated me in this instance, however, was how ordinary driving is for him. Even more intriguing was seeing a new side of him. Grant's just like me and my readers--an ebullient theater geek with a high-wattage personality. An Edward Zanni.

But he drives like someone's grandmother.

Speaking of theater geeks, here's another ebullient teen doing a shockingly accurate imitation of Patti LuPone in Gypsy. It never ceases to amaze that there's a whole world of us out there.

By way of comparison, here's the real thing:

Compare. Contrast. Discuss.

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therese said...

I'm not sure which Gypsy version I like better, both are good for a wake-up alarm.

Your blogs these past few weeks are a great morning read. I've been out of the country and need a brain jolt past jet lag but I'll skip the Vit Water and stick with real jam.

patsypalooza said...

i think it's all the biking--it's influenced your energy.

and that's the first i've seen of michael burbach; he is indeed fabulous. during the video my eyes continually wandered to the unmade bed and the unkempt pile of clothes behind him, and i kept wondering what his mom/roommates were thinking while he was recording this... :)

Marc Acito said...

My thoughts exactly, Pat.

kath said...

What I love MOST is his facial expressions that are EXACTLY Patti LuPone's facial/mouth expressions! He was brilliant...

TheNiceBrian said...

He is very good. How can I turn this into my cell phone ring?