Monday, August 4, 2008

New Day #221

Brought my computer in to be repaired while I'm in Colorado this week for a gig at Colorado College, my alma mater.

The technician totally blew my mind when he showed me how to open the face of my keyboard, then flipped my laptop over and removed my battery using a quarter. I KNOW! A quarter! I couldn't friggin' believe it. He might as well have pulled his lips over his head.


The Frog Queen said...

“Ah, Apple guts! I thought they would be juicier :)”


Greg said...

that's why IT men and women make the big bucks.

Noah, Post-Diluvian said...

I just attempted to pry keyboard from its home in the mainframe of my laptop.

Results: not so good.

Alright, that was all a lie.
But I wanted you to feel like I was at least making an effort to identify.

Best wished tonight.
You're going to be smashing and stellar.
As always.

Debbi said...

And him using a quarter...just cost you a hundred bucks, no doubt.
My daughters laptop, the lemon that it is, has already needed TWO, yes TWO mother boards and the thing isn't a year old yet. They keep sending new ones, with her sending the old ones back. Our computer guys assistant wanted to charge me 15 bucks to put the stupid thing in. His boss shook his head, popped off the back, shoved it in...took 30 seconds. 15 bucks indeed.

Yep, that is why they make the big bucks.