Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Day #222

Today's New Thing comes courtesy of the dry Colorado weather. Ever since I worked as an opera singer, I've been a proponent of snorting saline, but I didn't have any on me this morning so I tried Something New: Nasal Irrigation.

You'd think that someone who'd been pumped with gallons of water up his ass would have no apprehension about this new process, but it still made me nervous. The only thing that frightens me more, however, is not having something to blog about.

Rather than my usual regimen, which involves pouring saline down my nose with my head back (and thus swallowing the backwash), a sinus wash entails leaning forward and snorting the water up one nostril until it pours out the other.

Lovely, huh? It felt like diving into a pool. Voluntary waterboarding.

But it did help, although for the next hour every time I bent over water dribbled out of my nose.

In a related story, Colorado's month-long drought ended tonight, just in time to stop people from coming to my gig. Will let you know what happened tomorrow.

There's no business like show business...


Scot Colford said...

Oh, jeez-o-Pete, I remember watching Carol Burnett squirt saline out of her nose on Mike Douglas (or maybe Dinah Shore) that she inhaled through her mouth. That's a *real* irrigator!

therese said...

I much prefer the spritz method.

Fran said...

Ah darn, I went to bed early last night and missed that you were gonna be in Colorado. Of course you were too far out for our kids to come listen/heckle you, but we'd have encouraged them to. You know Lillian and me, nothing but absolute support for you!

Except about salt water up the nose. There you're on your own, my friend!

gay CME guy said...

Being on week 8 of my interminable sinus infection, I've been fighting the irrigation route, but am afraid I'm going to have to surrender. Just the thought of it freaks me out.