Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Day #230

Received my first invitation to a Hollywood premiere. It came from Laura Ziskin, the producer of the Spiderman movies, Pretty Woman, As Good as it Gets and the Oscar telecast. I know her because she's developing How I Paid for College into a film. In her spare time, Laura is also trying to eradicate cancer from the planet.

Yeah, I know, overachiever.

Stand Up To Cancer is a star-studded fundraiser to be aired September 5th on all three major networks. As excited as I was to be invited to the simulcast screening at the Kodak Theatre in LA, I'm prouder to actually know someone working to make such a huge difference in the world. And I'm not just saying that because I want a greenlight for my movie.

Which I do.

Like, a lot.

Because it'd be life-changing.

And then I could afford to do things like fly to LA for premieres.

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Fran said...

If anyone deserves to go, Sweetie, it's you!

Andrew Yates said...

If I buy your ticket to L.A., can I be Edward when you get the green light? ;)

How many men have already asked?