Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Day #231

Sorry for the delayed post. I got a call to do another commentary for NPR, which I wrote last night and recorded today. Not sure when it'll air.

In the meantime, I was at Artists Repertory Theatre for more auditions of my upcoming play and got to ride a scissor lift. I know, not life-changing or thrilling, but just the kind of little daily boost that this project is all about. Because I'm not sure that without the imperative to do something new every day, would I have thought to stop and ask a maintenance man whether I could take a ride twenty five feet up to the ceiling. Perhaps when I was young--I remember trying a jackhammer once on the street just for the hell of it--but somewhere along the line propriety and responsibility managed to slip in.

The reason the lift was there was to hang the posters for the season. Here's my collaborator C.S. Whitcomb underneath our poster.

Awesome graphic, huh?

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David said...

We call ours at my community theater a genie lift. Maybe that's the brand? Never heard of a scissor lift.

therese said...

You've reached the age & success time of life when the propriety and responsibility aspects require you spread spontaneity and fun.

It's important to be "dazed".