Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Day #237

Drove home today from Whidbey Island, which means multiple small bladder stops in convenience stores.

Or perhaps I should say "inconvenience stores" because, as someone who's gotten all healthy and whatnot, there's hardly a thing I can eat.

So I decided to try Sno Balls. Despite a childhood spent with a serious Hostess addiction, somehow I never ate the Sno Balls. Last year, they celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Judging from what I ate, I got one of the originals. Truly, it tasted like old bubble gum and chocolate flavored particle board.

It reminded me of the time I stopped in an Inconvenience Store in Eastern Oregon. For those of you not familiar with the eastern side of my state, I was in a town beyond Pendleton, home to the Pendleton Round-Up. In other words, I was Beyond Cowboys.

Anyway, I'm in this store looking for a protein bar when I notice the Bible Bar, which is made with the seven foods found in Deuteronomy.

Naturally, I had to try it.

Like the Bible itself, it was hard to swallow.

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6 comments: said...

"Like the Bible itself, it was hard to swallow."

Oh, that's rich!

Jessa Slade said...

I'm coming late to your mid-life crisis, but I'm enjoying it :) much as I've enjoyed your books.

I think there's a-whole-nother year-long blog on the interesting foods in Inconvenience Stores. See if you can find a Violet Crumble next time.

Layne said...

Oh, Marc, it is comments like your last sentence that makes me heart you.

David said...

And yet, like the Bible, you can take it all in and still retain your own perspective.

gay CME guy said...

Once again, your incisive biting humor rocks.

Anonymous said...

a.... bible bar?
i have no words.