Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Day #238

Somehow I managed to sprain the arch of my foot. This is, of course, the Worst Thing to Happen to Anyone Ever. Please feel free to send flowers, condolences and donations to the Marc Acito Mystery Foot Ailment Foundation.

As a result, my friend Boom Boom, who is visiting from Manhattan, rushed to my aid by loaning me her Yoga Toes, which are not to be confused with Jazz Hands.

I found Yoga Toes very relaxing, if a tad creepy, as it looks like my foot is being attacked by a very gay slug.

Speaking of Jazz Hands, here are some of my students at the Whidbey Writers Conference.

Spirit fingers, people.
PS In other news, I was on NPR's All Things Considered again yesterday recommending vacation reads. Click here to listen and please email the story from the NPR website to your friends.

And speaking of vacations, I'll be hosting a TRANSATLANTIC CRUISE in 2009 for writers. We'll leave from Florida and sail to England. Included are classes, workshops and lots of writing time to make progress on your book, screenplay or article and eat Baked Alaska until you puke.


David said...

How does one sprain the arch of their foot? Too much skipping?

Susan said...

Marc... Yoga toes, interesting. I try to read all my email, but sometimes just have to give in and abandon the lot. What a pleasant surprise it is, to read your blog (It's before 6am here). I like what you say about having a restless mind. I do too! Just didn't realize it before this morning. Always wondered why I constantly want to be on the move...literally. Just thought I was a loose cannon. Again, interesting.

step right up said...

While you're wearing your gay slug, you could paint your toenails.

Also, that ROCKS you were on ATC!

Fran said...

I love the gay slug, personally!

And who wouldn't want to be the ever-so talented Mr. Ripley? I certainly would. Especially if it meant I could lift enough money to go on that cruise! Ohmygoodness yes! THAT'S a cruise worth taking, in my opinion!