Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Day #247

My mother likes to iron her sheets. "It makes your bed feel like a hotel bed," she says.

I'm a huge fan of hotel rooms, believing that the five best words in the English language are "Please clean up this room," so I tried it.

The ironing process itself was time consuming and cumbersome, but not without its zen-like appeal. And my mom was right, the sheets did feel crisper and fresher as I slipped into bed.

But I slept fitfully anyway, owing to another New Thing: John McCain's choice of running mate, a devout Evangelical who believes we should teach creationism in schools.

Okay, I'm only gonna say this once: Evangelicals can teach creationism in our schools just as soon as they let us teach evolution in their churches.

And, that, my friends is the Gospel According to Marc.

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Fran said...


Isn't she just the scariest little piece of work? And you don't want to go see what Daily Kos has to say about her because it's really too disturbing.

Now, on to the important stuff.

Your mom irons her sheets? I can't decide if that's super cool or just terrifying. I don't iron anything if I can possibly avoid it.

Still, I'm going with super cool.

cyn said...

can I get that on a bumper sticker?

Katy said...

Finally caught up on the about 36 days of new things that I had missed :) Glad to see the project is still going strong and you're coming up with good things. Ironing your bedsheets amused the crap out of me. My mam does that, I find it so hilarious. And a tad unnecessary, but you never know, I might just try it now.

Also - word on this whole McCain thing. Word Wordy McWord.

Look forward to more days :)

Ian said...


I LOVE the blog, and I think the 'one new thing every day' is inspired. Would make a great book, too.

All best,


jamie said...

McCain reminds me of Dr. Evil trying to be "hip and with it" by doing the Macarena. I have dubbed desparate acts by stuffy Replublicans to be "with it"...a McCairena.

Layne said...

But Marc, my love, you are missing the obvious strategy of the GOP: they are finally courting that formerly untapped demographic of the Trailer Park vote. Just think how easy it will be for them to register potential new Republicans, because the new voters won't have to spend precious hours actually signing their names, they can just mark the forms with X's.

The Jamie Lynn Spears fanbase must also be much larger than we thought. Although, they may need to rethink this plan, as most of that demographic isn't old enough to vote. But they'll make a killing in 2016.