Monday, September 1, 2008

New Day #249

A fair number of these posts revolve around adventures in the grocery store, which makes sense when you consider how much time I spend there. In fact, over the course of the average lifetime, you can expect to spend roughly an entire year of your life in a grocery store. It's true, I figured it out.

So I decided I might as well read my grocery bags. I mean, seriously, they could be covered with Nazi propaganda and I never would've noticed.

Turns out they're not, which is a bummer because that totally would've made an awesome blog post. Instead I learned that Albertson's bags are certified by the SFI, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which, while virtuous in an Al Gore kind of way, is also boring in an Al Gore kind of way.

I also learned that New Seasons has a list of commandments, including opening up any checkstand where there are more than two people on line, which feels vaguely Biblical to me. (Where there are more than two gathered, ye shall open thy register.)

But the most perplexing bags are those from Trader Joe's, which have this graphic on them.

Okay, I'm all for irony, but I totally don't get it. I mean, way to bum me out while I'm shopping.

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