Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Day #251

Thanks to my friend Chuck I rode a tandem bike, both as pilot and passenger, the latter being far preferable as the former is actually quite hazardous. Seriously, taking a corner on this thing ain't easy.

According to Chuck, the official terms for the two cyclists are the Captain and the Stoker, though, according to another friend, two men on a bike together should just be called Gay and Gayer.

But the best thing about a bicycle built for two? You can have a conversation while exercising. That's a New Thing I can get used to.


David said...

It won't be a stylish marriage.

Anonymous said...

But don't you find steering from that back seat a real bitch?

Marc Acito said...

That's just it. You don't steer from the back. Or brake. You just pedal.

Or not, if you're feeling lazy.