Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Day #254

When I was young, I always hung out with people older than myself. I think it's because I'm keenly interested in what's next, so I looked to older people to help me learn the way.

Now that I'm over forty, I've begun to notice that some of the people older than me are stuck in ruts, prone to complain that things aren't the way they were, uninterested in trying new things. So I find myself spending a lot more time with younger people. Now it's they who are about what's next.

Moreover, I consider young people an investment in the future. One of the biggest challenges of old age is isolation. Once your friends start dying, you can't make new old friends. So I realized it was time to actively seek the company of people who will outlive me.

Like Young Noah, shown here modeling the bike helmet he bought at the insistence of me and Floyd, his fairy godfathers. When I'm eighty-two, I will have known him forty years and he can nag me about using my cane.

The other advantage of young friends is that they can answer all your questions about technology. Like today, for instance, when Young Noah taught me how to download You Tube videos and save them to I-Tunes so I don't have to worry about them being pulled from Your Friend and Mine the Internet.

Now I just need to explain to him the historical significance of Judy Garland.


Noah, Post-Diluvian said...

As no reflection on my already too-apparent narcissism, I feel that this is one of my favorite of your new thing posts.

It's evocative, touching and overall, it features a stunning photo of two rather fetching hommes formidables.

Hillary said...

Seems to me this is a reason most people have children...certainly when it comes to the technology issue. In the absence of personal procreation, I think developing friendships with young adults is a wonderful alternative...and less expensive!

maria said...

Have you seen Zoolander lately? Your expression in this shot is sooo like his!

No offence, I hope that is a very very good film.

Tyler said...

Only your pal Noah could make a big bright bike helmet look that sexy.

therese said...

Younger friends is great for all ages - mainly because it taps on our younger vibes to keep us young, not so we have someone to nag us to use a walker.

Your image of old age certainly ain't mine and I'm older than you!

And I wish I could "read" feet. :)

David said...

Are you saying you believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way?