Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Day #255

I was doing research on Grauman's Chinese Theatre for my next book, which got me thinking about feet.

I personally take a disproportionate amount of pride in my feet, which are a perfect sample size nine. I mean perfect. I can buy shoes without trying them on. Someone else could even buy a pair and send them to me and they'd fit. I know, I've tried.

Somehow this makes me feel just a little superior to other people, despite the persistent myth that shoe size correlates to penis size. But if a size nine shoe was good enough for Fred Astaire and Cary Grant, it's good enough for me.

To sum up: I like my feet.

But it occurred to me that I've never gotten a good look at the bottoms of them and certainly not at the same time. So, using my new photographic skills with my self-timer, I got a look:

And was horrified to discover that, unlike the slender elegant feet I imagined, I have Fred Flintstone feet.


Compare. Contrast. Discuss.


Name: Geeba Monkey said...

Hi Marc. Nice feet, actually. I think, haven recently discovered a foot fetish (it's very common lately, for some reason) that it's all in the angle of the shot. Even if you don't have like, you know, the fetish thing dawning, you may want to see the pic at the bottom of my blog and in my Provincetown Chronicles: chapter 2 vid. Cheers!

Scot Colford said...

Actually, Marc, I'm fascinated by the space between your big toe and its neighbor. You could fit a whole nother piggie in there. Honestly, I was thinking that was kinda freakish at first, but now that my initial fear of the uncommon has subsided, I'm coming around to it. I imagine it makes it much easier to clean in there.

gay CME guy said...

Nice feet. I like the strong veinage on the tops of your feet. They make nice arches. I have 'feet envy'. Mine are 7 and a half. (And, there is not correlation in penis size. I shant elaborate. If curiosity is that strong, readers will just have to contact me directly.

Hillary said...

Clearly you do not have Fred Flintstone feet. Fred has but three toes and you have a full set.

maria said...

It is strange that you have such beautiful feet, having been in show business. Dancers have Horrible feet. Especially classic dancers.

So,how did you manage to protect yours?

Fran said...

Fred has short feet that are basically round little cakes. You have long elegant feet. I see absolutely no correlation between the two. You should apologize to the bottoms of your feet RIGHT NOW before they take offense and decide to actually BECOME Fred Flintstone feet!

Erin said...

OK, feet in general freak me out. I'm sure yours are lovely, if you like that kind of thing.

And Grauman's has NOTHING on my new place of employment in terms of groovy architecture!

Heather (Aaron's lucky wife) said...

Your feet are lovely. Practically perfect in every way.

Now, on another subject, let's just say that next week you were thinking, "I know, my new thing for the day will be fishing for compliments. Hmmmm. Perhaps foot compliments!" I'm afraid the New Thing Judges would disqualify that as Not a New Thing. If you know what I mean.

But, really great feet! Cute toes, pink soles, right number of toes, etc. Right on!

jamie said...

Looks more like Barney Rubble feet to me.