Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Day #258

Today I got loopy. As part of Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts TBA Festival, I took a workshop with the brilliant Reggie Watts, who taught a group of Very White People how to sample and loop using only a guitar pedal.

I was totally not good at it, but I think Reggie and I make quite the pair, even if I no longer have the same haircut.

Watch what this man can do. Every sound you hear is him recording and playing it back as he goes:


heather (aaron's lucky wife) said...

Hi Marc, Thanks for this. Chocolately delicious!

Also, thanks for showing his hands. Mmm, great hands. Long silky brown fingers. Creative people have creative hands. Mmmmmm.

I know, for your new thing for the day, you could try having a hand fetish. (like me.) Fetish for a day! Wheee!

jamie said...

Wow, Reggie is frekin' awsome! Just him and a little green box and he makes all that music. He's a one-man disco party!

kath said...