Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Day #265

My friend and twin, the delectable Susie Gilman, flew into town from Geneva, along with the Chapman swifts, a flock of roughly 40,000 tiny birds who take up temporary residence in the chimney of Chapman Elementary School in NW Portland. Watching them swirl in formation looked like smoke coming out of the chimney in reverse.

"Talk about poetry in motion," Susie said.

In other news, as of today we're down to the last 100 New Things. I must admit, I look forward to finishing. As invigorating as it's been, coming up with something new each day can really wear me out. I began doing this project to get out of a rut; now I find myself craving the simplicity of following a routine.


Anonymous said...

This photo of birds makes me think that an eerie omen is about to occur. I think I've watched too many scary movies.

AllBeehive said...

Will you still continue to blog after you are finished? Pretty please? ::batting eyelashes::

therese said...

I always marvel at the patterns of bird flight as so not random. I love the balloon shots from a few days ago, the hats, the loops, dancing and kimchi. I totally understand your desire for a rut. I gage how wild my life has been by how many days back I have to read since I last checked on your new things.

Of course your Sherman post triggered a memory of my Amber. She was 91.