Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Day #269

I try not to be Rude Cell Phone Guy. Y'know, the one on line at the grocery store who has to use sign language with the checker because his conversation is obviously So Very Important?

But my friend Clark Sterling just got back from a cruise and I was dying to hear all about it but I wanted to take a walk on the beach before I headed back to Portland. And I thought, "I can't call him while I'm on the beach because that would ruin the idyllic walking-on-the-beach moment and other people would think I was an asshole who doesn't appreciate nature."

But then I thought, "Well, how do I know that?" I mean, I've never talked on a cell phone while walking on a beach. And since this is my year of doing New Things, I figured I better try it.

So I did. And I had a great talk with Clark that made me laugh. And I still enjoyed walking on the beach, though I didn't notice nearly as much as I would. But I felt oddly liberated just for having done something I wouldn't normally do and of which I vaguely disapprove.

But I'm not likely to do it again.


Rick said...

I feel the same way.

Bush said...

As long as the cell phone chat in the movie theater stays on the list of things you haven't done.

Anonymous said...

I talked, or rather shouted, on the phone at South Beach to my friend back home to let her know that I was on the beach at an ungodly hour in the morning because Diane Sawyer was there with GMA and Bon Jovi was playing on the beach.