Monday, September 22, 2008

New Day #270

I admit it, I'm a heavy-footed driver. On a visit to eastern Oregon I gunned it to over 100 mph.

But speeding along an open highway did not prepare me for taking the curves at 80 mph at Portland International Raceway in a souped-up BMW, courtesy of my neighbor (and occasional loaner husband) David. Seriously, I was queasy for hours.

Maybe that's because I was holding a camera. We're doing about 120 here.

BTW, did you know the word "racecar" backwards is "racecar?" Kind of like going round and round on the track.

Go Speed Racer.


David S said...

Stud! That's about 25 MPH faster than I've ever gone. I did go around PIR once - actually 50 times - but it was on a bicycle back in the 70's. I averaged about 20 MPH on that.

David said...

No thank you.