Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Day #283

"Am I going to get hepatitis?"

Now that's a question I rarely get to ask. But ask it I did shortly after one AM this morning.

I'm up in Edmonds, Washington to teach at the Write on the Sound Writers' Conference, where I'm staying with my old friend, author and writing guru Henriette Anne Klauser. Henriette and her family are kindred free spirits, so I knew they'd have a suggestion for something new I could do that was specific to the area.

Their idea: skinny-dipping in Puget Sound. Hence my hepatitis query.

Apparently, Puget Sound is quite pristine, but also--no surprise--REALLY cold. About 50 degrees. But part of my challenge to myself this year has been to do things that frighten me, so in I went. With a pen, so I could Write IN the Sound.

After plunging in to my chest, however, I was shivering too much to do anything but give involuntary, adrenaline-infused shouts of shock and awe.

Rarely have I felt so alive. And, dare I say, proud?


gay CME guy said...

My most recent post at my site is of a similar ilk, though my the photo I posted is less revealing. The trick is heating up your body before jumping in the water. Then, even sub-zero temps don't give you the frigid jitters.

gay CME guy said...

Not to get all "Jungian" on you, but it does have an element of 'Synchronicity' (or is that getting 'Police-ian'?)
FYI-Back then, were I as ripped and as you are now, I would have posted the after/out of ice hole pic.
An aside, as I'm voting absentee for the election since I'll be out of town, I'll place this vote early as well. I vote that your 'something new every day' should continue beyond the one year mark.

joanna said...

Thanks for the inspiration and the comment, Marc. Nothing against Cupcake Jones; but rest assured that when we one day cupcake you, the cupcakes will be homemade. Also, half of them will be decorated with a fabulous assortment of sprinkles. (Laurie is anti-sprinkle--I love her anyway.) And perhaps we will follow your lead and dress as lumberjacks.

Rick said...

You are a brave soul! I wouldn't dip into Puget Sound in a steamy August. That used to be my old stomping grounds. Beautiful area isn't it?

new guy said...

first the mustache pic and now this. i think i'm getting a lust crush.

kn said...

do you have on socks in this picture?? or is that mud? Or...did you cut your feet off as the next "new thing?" or did they fall off from extreme cold??

kn said...

do you have on socks in this picture?? or is that mud? Or...did you cut your feet off as the next "new thing?" or did they fall off from extreme cold??

Greg said...

Skinny dipping in the cold Sound. You are a brave, brave soul.

Mead said...

All right, so back to me.

Marc, I'm already worried about what happens when you get to New Day #364. You aren't going to leave us in the lurch and just consider yourself COMPLETE, are you? Have you given even a moment's thought to how that would affect ME? You can't just say "thank you, Thing" and disappear, you know. I -- and, if I may say, WE -- have grown accustomed to your grace.

Katy said...

Ah yes, I have a history of jumping in lakes up that way - so cold, you actually wonder for a moment whether your body has forgotten how to breathe. But we always called it our baptism - you feel kind of different afterwards. :) Great new thing!

Susan said...

Oh, so THAT'S what Joe Sixpack looks like!

therese said...

Good job! Face them fears and return to us thawed.

For your final post - consider a challenge to all who have followed your adventure this year. A one month of new things "we" have never done before - especially facing our fears.

rob said...

Wow, Brad Pitt looks hot.
Oh, wait, that's Marc Acito.
That's Marc Acito???!!!

David said...

If you were "proud" after the cold, cold plunge, then I tip my hat to you. I know my "pride" would have retreated somewhere north of my lower intestine.

It would never occur to me to ask about hepatitis, though.

Connie Eisenhour said...

OMG, I told your Mom tonight about this pic and she said all she got was a black, blank photo...OK, so Mom's aren't allowed to view? HA, Ha......Too bad for her and too funny for us Marc!
I love you!
You are so way talented! You are the Crème de le crème!
Every Aunt should be so blessed!
My Love Always.
~Aunt Connie Anne
Hmmmmm, I'm thinking "Dropped by Helicopter, Skinny Dip in Crater Lake" for your final act?
Now, that's cold!

AllBeehive said...

With all these 1/2 naked pictures, I think you may be flirting with us. A hair toss and a wink back at you.