Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Day #297

Last week the boys on The Buzz made fun of me because they said I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for New Things.

That motivated me to take a huge leap forward, venturing off into uncharted territory. You see, I'm not remotely handy around the house. I'm very intimidated by tools and anything that requires complex mechanical reasoning like "clockwise" or "counterclockwise."

Yet today I am proud to announce that I singlehandedly changed the light bulb in my fridge. That's right, all by myself. With my bare hands. Even though I was very afraid.

I don't think I'm being immodest when I say that this is the greatest accomplishment achieved by anyone ever.

I mean, really, take a look.



Seriously, I think this qualifies me to run for vice-president.

I'm glad this fridge finally has a story as our first fridge had one and this one feels a little duller by comparison. Floyd and I bought our first fridge when we bought our house back in 1990. Floyd was 31 and ready to settle into domesticity. I was 24 and ready to see the world. So he bought a house and I went to Europe for a year on a Watson Fellowship.

The night before I left we went to someone's house to buy a used fridge which we loaded into a friend's truck. In the course of moving it, Floyd scraped his arm on something sharp on the back, which required stitches. We spent our last night together for a year in the emergency room.

Okay, I just realized that's not a very interesting story. Kind of like today's New Thing.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Marcito,
How can you possibly be running dry on "new things," when I keep peppering your comments with a delightful array of life-enfreshening tidbits to try? Dear boy, you'd better start scanning your comments more attentively! Your hunger for newness will be instantly assuaged! For example, I just acting in a silent movie-How's that for "new thinginess?"

Marc Acito said...

Oops. Sorry. I'll need to review.

Peter said...

I'm just pleasantly surprised by how clean your fridge is. I would not be willing to put a photo of mine on your friend and mine the Internet today.

Kathy said...

Why does the top right shelf have SOOOOO MUCH STUFF piled precariously high and the second shelf (directly under it), which could easily house a few of those items is just about empty except for a tupperware and a heavy whipping cream (what's THAT for?)? Or...that tall tonic water - why not lie it on it's side on that same shelf #2? I soooo want to come over there adn organize. Honestly...I was happier before the light replacement when I couldn't worry about the disorganization. The single diet coke hiding on shelf #3 near the two things of eggs that aren't lined up... And what the hell is that in the turquoise bowl? Looks like a 1/2 eaten...something. Turn off the light. I cant' take this.