Monday, October 20, 2008

New Day #298

For several days now I've been mourning the loss of my bicycle, which was stolen last week when some cretin used a cable cutter on my lock during the otherwise idyllic rehearsal for Holidazed. So while I waited for my new bike to be ready, I tried a spinning class at 24 Hour Fitness.

Hated it.

Is it just me or is there something wrong with a roomful of people driving to the gym so they can spend an hour cycling to nowhere? In the dark. With head-banging music. And an instructor whose only function is to shout at us when we approach "a hill." Perhaps I'm overstating it, but I couldn't help but feel this kind of aggressive pseudo-experience represents, well, just about everything that's wrong with our gas-guzzling, war-mongering contemporary culture.

Okay, I am overstating it. I just really miss my bicycle.


David S said...

I'm with ya on the 24 Hour Fitness thing. Craziness! Just get out there and take a walk, for frick's sake!

David said...

I hated spinning classes as well, but mostly because I always would get cramps in my calves. Plus I hate the music.

Kronda said...

I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way, but I hope you realize now that cables were invented by bike thieves! It's like their version of the 'EASY' button. It's a lot cheaper to buy a good U-Lock than a new bike.